Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

Ursula Le Guin in the article, "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas," discusses that good does not exist without evil. The city of Omelas is void of sadness, despair, and jealousy. There was no hate, fighting, or problems. The citizens have true happiness, it is like a fairy tale. Since there cannot be good without evil, there is a young child who is kidnapped and locked in a basement. He is locked up because if he was not, the people of Omelas would not have true happiness. He symbolizes the selfishness of an individual. He may also symbolize sadness. That sadness is locked up and cannot come out. Most of the citizens are truly happy while the others have guilt. If the child were to leave, the city would become chaotic, and there would be no joy. Some of the citizens cannot bare living with knowing a child has sacrificed himself for their joy, so they leave the city since they cannot live with that guilt. They are the ones who walk away from Omelas. This society is nothing like the society we live in. Nobody is sacrificed so we can be happy, not everyone is truly happy, some people are sad. Our society does have good, but it also has evil. In this society, people hate one another, there is fighting, there is always problems, and people are killed. Omelas is completely parallel to our society. I do not believe our society will ever become like Omelas because even if we did have a sacrifice, people still would not be happy. Nothing will ever be perfect.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Hope is an optimistic attitude of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes. I believe every human being has felt hope at least once in their life. Hope is very important. It is important because with hope, we can continue to keep living. People who do not have hope usually do not want to live anymore, and are really depressed. Hope gives people something to look forward to when they wake up. It may be a student hoping to have a high GPA, so they try hard in school everyday. With hope, people take action until they get what they want. I think of hope and goals being similar words because if people are hoping for something to happen, they will make it happen. With hope, people can live through tough times. Life has its ups and downs, and with hope, individuals know when life is down, it will always go back up. If someone wants to achieve a goal, they will work hard until they achieve it. People tend to open up to new possibilities with hope. When there is no hope, individuals will isolate themselves, and distance themselves. The door will be closed to opportunity and risk-taking will be avoided. Individuals will take risks in hope for a reward in the outcome. Hope comes from the heart. That is why when people lose hope, they feel empty and heartbroken. When there is hope, people tend to get happy and cheerful because it is a great feeling. When I was younger, I moved to another city which meant I had to transfer schools as well. I am known to be a very shy person, until I am familiar and friends with people around me. Well, I had hope that I would make friends at my new school since I did not like to be the one to approach people, I hoped to be approached. I thought for a while that I was not going to make friends but on my first day in my first class, everyone was so welcoming and generous. This gave me a reason to know that I will always need hope to open up possibilities.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Social Injustice

Social injustice is still very popular in this generation. Social justice is very important because every human being should feel comfortable, accepted, and equal in our society. Some of the prevalent issues that are happening today are gender inequality, racism, and race inequality. Ever since Donald Trump has became president, these problems have been getting worse. Women feel as if they are not in control of their own bodies anymore. There is a possibility funding for abortions may be cut off, and some women are opposed to this decision. They believe that if it is their body, it is their rights. Racism is very common today still. Some individuals cannot see past someones skin color, and it makes it hard for that person to feel accepted in our society. Race inequality is not the same thing as racism. Race inequality happens when one race feels more superior than the others. An example of this would be how police have been killing African-Americans lately because they feel "threatened" by them. Gender inequality is an issue that concerns me personally because I am a woman, and I feel like we should be equal to men, and we should be able to decide what we want to do with our body. Charles L. Robbins in the TED Talk, "Social Justice -- Is It Still in the 21st Century?" discusses the many reasons why there is social injustice in our society. Robbins asserts the same reasons I have stated in this blog, but he has given more detail and evidence and why they are prevalent issues today. He also talks about more issues that happen and are important - poverty, and crime injustice were some of them. 45 million people are poor in the United States. This is one of the most wealthiest countries yet one of the most poor countries at the same time. Our country has the most people who are incarcerated in the whole world. This sort of leads into race inequality as well. Police also arrest minorities for no reason. This is why the prisons in the United States are overcrowded. It is going to take a long time until we can actually say that this country has social justice, but it is going to take some hard work and time from every individual here. 

TED Talk Reflection

Graham Hill in the TED Talk, "Less Stuff, More Happiness" discusses why some people may not be happy. His discussion consisted of him stating that the less stuff we have, we will be more happy. Usually when people have lots of things, they tend to be stressed out because they will not know where to put it. People will then probably move to a smaller living space, and their house will be filled with unnecessary things. The reason why individuals stress out is because since they cannot put their belongings in their overcrowded living space, they would need to buy a personal storage so they can hold their extra things there. If there are things that people do not use at all or often in their household, they can donate it or throw it away. Then they would have more space to put the more necessary things in their home. They will be happier this way. Near the end of this TED Talk, Graham asserts, "Maybe, just maybe, less might equal more". Less items will equal way more within. Having felicity, more space, and more money is that "more". This TED Talk helped me realize in a deeper meaning that material things are not important, if it is not needed, give it away. Giving this stuff to the less fortunate can also help someone have mirth because an individual gets a heart-warming feeling once you see the other less fortunate with joy. In conclusion, I have found a way to be happy once I am stressed about having too many belongings.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Reflection on Gilbert's TED Talk

Dan Gilbert in "The Surprising Science of Happiness" discusses happiness. Evolutionally, the human brain has nearly tripled in mass because it has gained a new part named the frontal lobe. The prefrontal lobe allows human beings to do lots of things, but one of the most important thing it does is an experience simulator. This experience simulator helps with synthetic happiness. There is a difference between synthetic happiness and real happiness. Synthetic happiness is a type of happiness that helps change individuals views on the world, and finds other ways to be happy if that person cannot do something. Real happiness is basically when someone can choose something that they want which makes them happy. There is an economic motivation behind the popular belief that synthetic happiness is inferior to real happiness. This is a popular belief because people tend to believe that they will not be happy with what they are given (synthetic happiness) and if they can choose what they want, they will be happy (real happiness). This is also an example of what "Freedom to choose is the friend of natural happiness, but freedom to choose is the enemy to synthetic happiness." Gilbert asserts, "The psychological immune system works best... when we are trapped." This system works best when we are trapped (metaphorically) because we get used to "being trapped" and the outcome would be happiness. Dan Gilbert discusses a great topic because it helps people realize there is different types of happiness, and people will have happiness even if they do not get something that they want.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I would define happiness as an incredible feeling that every person has experienced in their lifetime. It is a feeling filled with joy, and excitement. There are lots of things that make me happy such as: seeing dogs, getting to eat my favorite food, spending time with my loved ones, having me time, achieving goals I have made for myself, learning to do new things, and getting an education. Every one of these things is very important to me. Seeing dogs is important to me because those are my favorite kinds of animals. Getting to eat my favorite food is important because I usually eat healthy, and my favorite food is very unhealthy which is Carne Asada Fries. Spending time with my loved ones is important because I cherish every second I spend with them, and they just all surround me with positivity and love and that just fills me with happiness. Spending time with them is probably one of the main reason why I am happy because I feel like I can just be my true self with them and be comfortable with it. Having time for myself is important because as much as I love spending time with my peers, I also need to have a little time to enjoy spending time by myself and doing what I like to do. Achieving the goals that I have made for myself is very important because the feeling of being proud of myself for achieving it, makes me extremely happy. Learning to do new things is important because I do not usually come out of my shell, and when I do, I learn to do something that I learn to love over the time doin it. Getting an education is important to me as well because everything I do and learn now is going to pay off in the future. The money that I earn from my career will be a lot depending on how far I go with my education, and with that money, It will make me happy knowing how successful I will become. The secret of getting happiness is to not worry about what other people think abut you, just do you, and focus on yourself. Everyone deserves happiness I believe. Some people in the world are very unhappy because they let what others say get to them, and they feel like they can not be happy until they improve on what the person was telling them.

Friday, October 28, 2016


One of the stereotypes that I believe is incorrect is that all African-Americans are bad people. There are bad people out there of all races even African-Americans, not all of them. People tend to discriminate African-Americans because they have a different skin tone than others. This is considered racism. For example, police officers are killing African-Americans because they believe they are all bad. I may not know the full story of what happens in those type of situations, but I do know that some of the African-Americans are killed for no reason. I believe we should all be treated equally because we may all look very different from one another but we are all human beings, that is something we all have in common. Lots of my friends are African-Americans, and I do not see them any different. In my opinion, I believe we all need to be treated equally, with the same level of respect, and follow the same laws. African-Americans are human beings, we should all look past their skin color and think of them as one of our own kind.